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What is the meaning of illicit in Hindi?

Meaning of illicit in Hindi is : शास्त्र विरुद्ध

Definition of word illicit

  • Not approved by law, but not invalid. (adjective)
  • Breaking social norms. (adjective)
  • Unlawful. (adjective)

Examples of word illicit

  • The term illicit device contained with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act is argued to be limited to pirate or counterfeit decoders and therefore does not include decoders procured in this manner.
  • Prosecution of those who require marihuana for medical purposes did not achieve any of the three objectives of the CDSA identified by the Crown: preventing harm, international treaty obligations, and control of the trade in illicit drugs.
  • Of course, there will be skeptics who will surmise that he had been involved in illicit activities which lead to his death.
  • Typically, the safety advice to travelers to Mexico is to avoid driving at night, don't wear flashy clothing or jewelry, don't engage in illicit conduct etc.
  • Bank Mellat officials have denied engaging in illicit business and have told Iranian state-owned media that the U.S. has never provided any evidence to back its claims.