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What is the meaning of illusiveness in Hindi?

Meaning of illusiveness in Hindi is : माया

Definition of word illusiveness

  • The quality of being illusive; deceptiveness; false show. (noun)

Examples of word illusiveness

  • I can see how its suggestiveness, its illusiveness, its density and its slow pace could frustrate some readers.
  • To me it sums up the illusiveness of happiness, a subject that, as Daniel Finkelstein states in this morning's Times, has exercised a legion of philosophers, Aristotle among them.
  • In that light the figure seated in a silver, throne-like chair before him seemed unreal and fantastic, with an illusiveness of outline that was heightened by a filmy silken robe.
  • This illusiveness was an added spur to his desire to know this girl.
  • I have seen such as "February", for instance, in the Boston Museum, present for me the sensation of a man of great private spiritual and intellectual means, having the wish to express tactfully and convincingly his personal conclusions and reactions, leaning always toward the side of iridescent illusiveness rather than emotional blatancy and irrelevant extravagance.


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