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What is the meaning of immediate in Hindi?

Meaning of immediate in Hindi is : साक्षात

Definition of word immediate

  • happening right away, instantly, with no delay (adjective)
  • Very close; direct or adjacent. (adjective)

Examples of word immediate

    • And this is a question which demands immediate attention -- _immediate_ attention; for more than £26,000,000 are paid by taxpayers each year to be spent in great part on our wretched system of poor laws.
    • Idealists discredit the veracity of consciousness as to our immediate knowledge of material phenomena, and, consequently, our _immediate knowledge of the existence of matter_. [
    • The term immediate is used in contrast with that of gradual.
    • They include what he called immediate cuts to the costs of maintaining Italy's bulky political class as well as significant measures to fight tax evasion.
    • Around the February time frame, we were running to a point where our fund balance was getting below what we were comfortable with, having to deal with existing disasters and future disasters, so we go into what we call immediate needs funding.