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What is the meaning of impanel in Hindi?

Meaning of impanel in Hindi is : नियुक्त करना

Definition of word impanel

  • To enrol (jurors), e.g. from a jury pool; to register (the names of jurors) on a "panel" or official list. (verb)

Examples of word impanel

  • "Because of the extreme political sensitivity regarding captioned matter, DOJ Department of Justice has been reluctant to impanel a grand jury to date," an FBI agent wrote in a memo.
  • A federal prosecutor intended to impanel grand jury, but subsequently "decided that it was premature," according to an Oct. 10, 1985 FBI memo.
  • She said because she wants "to ensure the transparency and impartiality of the investigative process, I have chosen to impanel a team of recognized law-enforcement, legal and social science experts to work alongside my prosecutors throughout this investigation."
  • After the editing, the orders disclose only the reasons for sealing the search warrants: preserving the court's ability to impanel an unbiased jury and protecting an ongoing investigation in a case that has attracted national attention.
  • The first question from the press directly asked Sampson why he chose to impanel a committee with a partisan advantage instead of sending it to the ethics committee.


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