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What is the meaning of impassioned in Hindi?

Meaning of impassioned in Hindi is : भावाविष्‍ट

Definition of word impassioned

  • Filled with intense emotion or passion; fervent. (adjective)

Examples of word impassioned

  • English, stimulating his sexual desire to that fever-heat which they called impassioned living.
  • And Jobim s Retrato em Blanco E Preto, Inutil Paisaje, and Dindi are rendered in impassioned ballad, bossa nova-scat, and John Coltrane-ish settings.
  • Nay, the members of a union will declaim in impassioned rhetoric for the God-given right of an eight-hour day, and at the time be working their own business against seventeen hours out of the twenty-four.
  • So far Arabic metre is true to Nature: in impassioned speech the movement of language is iambic: we say “I will, I will,” not
  • He blows up, and in impassioned language forswears and disowns Rosalia, the five children, and all memory of them and responsibility for them, forever and forever.


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