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What is the meaning of impatient in Hindi?

Meaning of impatient in Hindi is : व्याकुल

Definition of word impatient

  • restless and intolerant of delays (adjective)
  • anxious and eager, especially to begin something (adjective)

Examples of word impatient

  • Coming slowly on through the forests of masts was a great steamship, beating the water in short impatient strokes with her heavy paddles as though she wanted room to breathe, and advancing in her huge bulk like a sea monster among the minnows of the Thames.
  • Indeed by this time the whole party were gathered, and in impatient expectation that the dinner would make up to them in some degree for the various disappointments of the morning.
  • With his head to one side, and smoking his cigar in short, impatient draughts, he listened.
  • But the next minute, the little creature whimpering, she bent down in impatient repentance and kissed it, whimpering too.
  • I know you too well; but I want to hear what you have been doing -- what he said, 'answered Charles, in short, impatient sentences.


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