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What is the meaning of impeachable in Hindi?

Meaning of impeachable in Hindi is : महाभियोग के योग्य

Definition of word impeachable

  • Able to be impeached (of a person). (adjective)

Examples of word impeachable

  • Those decisions constitute part of the common law of impeachment, and they stand for the principle that abuse of the Presidential Office is at the core of the notion of impeachable offense.
  • After claiming that the commotion caused by an alleged pre-primary White House job offer to Joe Sestak was tantamount to an "impeachable" offense, Issa later said he wouldn't mount a probe into the matter.
  • D of Pennsylvania said earlier this year that the White House had offered him a job to get him not to run for the Senate, Issa suggested that was an "impeachable" offense.
  • In late July 2009, LaRouche declared that the President was "impeachable" for his Nazi health-care "reform."
  • "impeachable" offenses in the president elect's lame but still an attempt at humor.
  • Under Texas law, any monument on the capitol grounds must be approved by the state legislature; erecting a monument without legislative approval is a criminal offense punishable by imprisonment and an impeachable offense if done by a government official.
  • Pelosi was being derelict in her duty as Speaker of the House according to the Constitution and we all know the impeachable unindicted war crimes George W. Bush and his neonconservatives were committing.
  • I'll never forget seeing her on a TV talk show asking the audience if "they knew of any impeachable offenses."
  • Lying to Congress is an impeachable offense so why did the Republicans not act ethically and impeach Bush and Cheney when they learned they had been lied to, that these criminals had lied to the UN and had lied to the American people???