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What is the meaning of impending in Hindi?

Meaning of impending in Hindi is : सिरपर का

Definition of word impending

  • Approaching; drawing near; about to happen (adjective)
  • Present participle of impend. (verb)

Examples of word impending

    • The long-suffering bleakness was very pronounced on Nancy's face, and when the walls of water, in impending downfall, reared above the
    • So he has been preparing for what he calls his impending “dirt nap.”
    • Even while he termed the impending situation as "grim," President Pervez Musharraf felt emboldened enough by his own declaration of the end of a 42-day State of Emergency on 15 December 2007 to declare on state television that: "The democratic process has been put back again on the rails"; a debatable proposition, with the judiciary and private broadcast media still under restraints.
    • She called the impending contracts a sign that security gains are attracting foreign investment in Iraq.
    • Luz picked up her cup and added cream to the strong brew, aware that Hector was referring to the impending arrival of the other polo students.


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