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What is the meaning of impervious in Hindi?

Meaning of impervious in Hindi is : न घुसने योग्य

Definition of word impervious

  • unaffected or unable to be affected by (adjective)
  • preventative of any penetration; impenetrable, impermeable, particularly of water (adjective)
  • immune to damage or effect (adjective)

Examples of word impervious

  • Modest increases in impervious surface due to construction of cottages can in most cases easily be offset by modest removal of impervious surfaces on affected lots, and/or disconnection of downspouts from pipes that discharge runoff to streets.
  • We, the English, as you can see, are of average height, smoke a pipe, carry a rolled umbrella, go to the best schools, yet remain impervious to knowledge.
  • With the assistance of such guides, nothing could remain impervious or inaccessible; resistance was fatal; flight was impracticable; and the patient submission of helpless innocence seldom found mercy from the Barbarian conqueror.
  • Fletcher: "We need to go back and reduce the amount of what we call impervious surface, the amount of pavement and roofs that won't absorb water.
  • All of nature’s indicators speak of global strain, and yet we the relatively affluent remain impervious to it.


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