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What is the meaning of important in Hindi?

Meaning of important in Hindi is : सबसे महत्वपूर्ण

Definition of word important

  • Having relevant and crucial value. (adjective)

Examples of word important

  • This approach to community policing and its focus on dealing with low level crime is important and over the last 40 years the direction of the police, particularly in London has oscillated between the ‘Bobby on the beat’ and dealing with the big, ’important’ crimes that the Police Federation and John Denham Chair of the Home Office Select Committee seem to want them to go back to pursuing.
  • The occasion, by the way, need not be really important, but, as in this imaginary case of the boil, if it _seems important_ to the woman, irritation will outweigh the physical sensation. "
  • So-and-so was always a name important enough for her to recognize, and he always said it in a sort of fake bored way that irritated her.
  • Whether his a guess or registered the important is the contribution of his comment ..
  • Asked about the hearings, White House spokesman Jay Carney said the White House welcomes congressional participation on what he called an important issue.