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What is the meaning of importunity in Hindi?

Meaning of importunity in Hindi is : दुराग्रह

Definition of word importunity

  • Unseasonableness; an unsuitable or inappropriate time. (noun)
  • A constant and insistent demanding. (noun)

Examples of word importunity

    • The word importunity denotes perseverance in an object, without any regard to time, place, or circumstances -- an improper perseverance.
    • His messenger was not prepossessing in appearance, nor indeed did he commend himself to one's too alert olfactory sensibilities; but he was very insistent, and, after all, importunity is still what prevails most with us.
    • Her importunity was provoking to the judge, and she might fear lest it should set him more against her; but our importunity is pleasing to
    • Our importunity is a part of God's answer, both of His answer to us and ours to Him...
    • She was certain now that what she could only call his importunity had proved somehow disastrous to Rodney Lanyon.


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