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What is the meaning of impracticable in Hindi?

Meaning of impracticable in Hindi is : असाध्य

Definition of word impracticable

  • Not practicable; impossible or difficult in practice. (adjective)
  • Of a passage or road: impassable. (adjective)
  • Of a person or thing: unmanageable. (adjective)
  • An unmanageable person. (noun)

Examples of word impracticable

  • What’s impracticable is simply the idea of getting a law passed such that someone in the position of Helen Aberson and Harold Perl, for example, the writer and illustrator of the children’s book that DUMBO is based on, might take Disney to court for, say, introducing a racist character like Jim Crow or throwing in some right wing anti-union propaganda in the form of evil clowns.
  • His active brain, stimulated by a desire for wealth, and an egotism which might be called impracticable, wrought out original plans of farming without number.
  • Men unaccustomed to reason and researches, think every enterprise impracticable, which is extended beyond common effects, or comprises many intermediate operations.
  • However, necessity was the spur to invention, and we did many things which before we thought impracticable, that is to say, in our circumstances.
  • Distributism is not an economic system, as is Capitalism, this is true, and for this reason it is often attacked as "impracticable," but it is an attitude, developed by Catholics and fostered by Catholics not individualistic Protestants, and it seems much more in line with the Catholic Faith.


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