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What is the meaning of impressive in Hindi?

Meaning of impressive in Hindi is : ह्रदयस्पर्शी

Definition of word impressive

  • Making, or tending to make, an impression; having power to impress; adapted to excite attention and feeling, to touch the sensibilities, or affect the conscience; as, an impressive discourse; an impressive scene. (adjective)
  • Capable of being impressed. (adjective)
  • appealing (adjective)

Examples of word impressive

  • On the call, the British officers discussed efforts to assist U.S. investigations into hackers, some of whom are also facing charges in the U.K. They discussed what they described as impressive investigative work to recover data from hard drives of suspects.
  • Boston College may be undefeated so far this year, but it's hard to gauge exactly how good the Eagles are heading into Saturday's ACC opener against Virginia Tech. Triumphs over Weber State and Kent State aren't exactly what you call impressive nonconference wins.
  • In an interview, Lisa Bacus, American Family's VP-Marketing, said Ogilvy won the account, in part, because of what she described as impressive proprietary research into insurance consumers.
  • I'm sure if some uber-Lord of the Rings or Godfather fans decided to reenact something from one of the movies you'd call it "impressive" or at the very least "geeky,"
  • More impressive is that she must have known who you were to beckon you over!