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What is the meaning of improvisational in Hindi?

Meaning of improvisational in Hindi is :

Definition of word improvisational

  • Having the nature of an improvisation. (adjective)
    आशुरचना की प्रकृति होना।

Examples of word improvisational

  • Romanski is former director of the Second City Training Center and many of Hollywood Arts 'teachers have backgrounds in improvisational theater.
  • The first rule for producing a funny discussion, it seems, is to invite a couple of authors with backgrounds in improvisational comedy.
  • Milstein Hall shows off one extreme of a current concept popular with academic and research institutions and geared to encourage what the OMA architects call "improvisational interaction."
  • Aside: “Improv” refers to improvisational exercises.
  • The good parts make doom metal more improvisational, which is not a problem.
  • I've been taking this singing class -- oh, let's just get it all the gay out there and say I've been taking this cabaret singing class, and at each session we begin with vocal warm-ups and some kind of improvisational exercise.