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What is the meaning of impudent in Hindi?

Meaning of impudent in Hindi is : निर्लज्ज

Definition of word impudent

  • Not showing due respect; impertinent; bold-faced (adjective)

Examples of word impudent

  • I noticed, for example, that old Mr Hardcastle Steve Pemberton - not, admittedly, a highly articulate character - uses the word "impudent" so often that it palls.
  • She nearly sank upon the ground last night when he called the impudent wench his bride.
  • What some would call impudent, Teddy said, others might call spirited.
  • He turned to the soup tureen and placed the lid gently at my side, fixing me with a look I can only describe as impudent.
  • Goodwin is represented as complaining in these words, “Lord, thou hast deceived us, and we were deceived;” — words which Burnet characterizes as impudent and enthusiastic boldness; but which, if used at all, were evidently accommodated from Jer.xx. 7, and used in the sense in which the prophet himself had used them; q.d.,


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