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What is the meaning of impulse in Hindi?

Meaning of impulse in Hindi is : मनोवेग

Definition of word impulse

  • A thrust; a push; a sudden force that impels. (noun)
  • A wish or urge, particularly a sudden one prompting action. (noun)
  • The integral of force over time. (noun)
  • To impel; to incite. (verb)

Examples of word impulse

  • As regards studies of the abnormalities of the sexual impulse, under the name of _paradoxical sexual impulse_ cases have been published in which that impulse manifested itself at an age of life in which it is normally non-existent -- old age and childhood.
  • However, he says, today the main impulse is to try to make the books as distinct as possible because they need to stay on the shelves longer.
  • I do have to consciously stop myself from even asking, but the impulse is always there.
  • What this means is that your eating isn't eternally out of control; it's out of control only at certain times, during what I call impulse moments.
  • Not acting on our every impulse is supposedly what makes us different from animals. crooked politics


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