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What is the meaning of impulsive in Hindi?

Meaning of impulsive in Hindi is : रुक रुक कर होने वाला

Definition of word impulsive

  • Having the power of driving or impelling; giving an impulse; moving; impellent. (adjective)
  • Actuated by impulse or by transient feelings. (adjective)
  • Acting momentarily, or by impulse; not continuous – said of forces. (adjective)
  • Highly reactive; people who react quickly or feel emotional (adjective)
  • That which impels or gives an impulse; an impelling agent. (noun)
  • One whose behaviour or personality is characterized by being impulsive. (noun)

Examples of word impulsive

  • Practical and impulsive is what I would describe myself as.
  • Without the ability to restrain impulsive behavior, you're like a capuchin on crack, lurching from this random item to the next, and before you know it you have an absentee life.
  • Intermittent Explosive Disorder IED is an extremely rare behavioral disorder characterized by impulsive acts of aggression.
  • A colleague once referred to impulsive children as “MNM” kids: Me, Now, and More!
  • But, as the Buddhist teachings explain, our happiness depends on our karma, namely our impulsive or intentional actions.


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