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What is the meaning of inaccurate in Hindi?

Meaning of inaccurate in Hindi is : गलत

Definition of word inaccurate

  • Mistaken or incorrect; not accurate. (adjective)
    गलत या गलत; सही नहीं है।

Examples of word inaccurate

  • In a conference call Tuesday, Sino-Forest CEO Allen Chan said he was deeply disappointed by the decline in the company's stock caused by what he called "inaccurate and unfounded" fraud allegations levied in a report by Muddy Waters Research.
  • Chris Hogan, spokesman for the International Bottled Water Association, said he's frustrated by what he calls inaccurate information circulating about bottled water during debates about campus bans.
  • And then, yesterday, the American College of Pediatricians launched their website designed to counter what they call the inaccurate information that has been disseminated to school children:
  • * Fallon cites what he calls inaccurate news reports for decision to step aside
  • Meanwhile the CEO of Murray Energy -- this is the guy that runs this mine and several others -- spoke today, again, not only briefing the media and briefing the families, which are all at this school here, but also blasting the media at one point for what he called inaccurate reporting.
  • Groups such as the Mining Awareness Resource Group, represented by D.C. lobbying powerhouse Patton Boggs, and the Truck & Engine Manufacturers Association have demanded that they get a chance to review what they call the "inaccurate and faulty" study before the Department of Health and Human Services makes it public.
  • WASHINGTON - Facing weakening support among Hispanics, President Barack Obama expressed deep frustration Wednesday over what he called an inaccurate and damaging perception that he can fix the nation's flawed immigration system on his own.
  • RFU chief executive John Steele comes out fighting as job fiasco rumbles on Exclusive: John Steele, the Rugby Football Union chief executive, came out fighting on Friday in an effort to counter what he calls the "inaccurate and untrue negative publicity" of the past couple of days.