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What is the meaning of inactive in Hindi?

Meaning of inactive in Hindi is : सुस्त

Definition of word inactive

  • Not active, temporarily or permanently (adjective)
  • Not functioning or operating; broken down (adjective)
  • Retired from duty or service (adjective)
  • Relatively inert (adjective)
  • Showing no optical activity in polarized light (adjective)

Examples of word inactive

  • I may be misunderstanding the term inactive, of course.
  • As he could never endure what he calls the inactive chattering of the parlour -- people sitting in front of one another with folded hands and nothing in motion except the tongue -- he learnt the art of making laces; he used to carry his pillow about with him, or sat at his own door working like the women of the village, and chatting with the passers-by.
  • One single thing would be unthinkable: to remain inactive, voiceless, in the face of this insane escalation.
  • Under state law, these people are classified as "inactive" voters
  • Also expected to be inactive is receiver Anthony Armstrong, who suffered a groin injury last week.


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