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What is the meaning of inactivity in Hindi?

Meaning of inactivity in Hindi is : सुस्ती

Definition of word inactivity

  • The quality of being inactive; idleness; passiveness. (noun)

Examples of word inactivity

  • The phrase “a wise and masterly inactivity” was used in America by Representative John Randolph of Roanoke: “We ought to observe that practice which is the hardest of all—especially for young physicians—we ought to throw in no medicine at all—to abstain—to observe a wise and masterly inactivity.
  • Still, Montaigne goes on to argue that sending 55-60 year-olds into inactivity is too soon, that their vocations and employments should be extended as far as possible.
  • "The appearance of inactivity is just an illusion," he said.
  • Ian Gershengorn, a deputy assistant attorney general arguing for the administration, responded that "the appearance of inactivity is just an illusion."
  • Regulating inactivity is EXPLICITLY permitted, so long as it is necessary and proper to the regulation of interstate commerce.
  • The restlessness of enforced inactivity is setting in.