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What is the meaning of inanimate in Hindi?

Meaning of inanimate in Hindi is : मृत

Definition of word inanimate

  • Lacking the quality or ability of motion; as an inanimate object. (adjective)
  • Not being, and never having been alive. (adjective)
  • Not animate. (adjective)
  • Something that is not alive. (noun)

Examples of word inanimate

  • Take the terms inanimate, man, white: then take some white things of which man is not predicated-swan and snow: the term inanimate is predicated of all of the one, of none of the other.
  • He was somewhat of the same temperament as Emmeline -- a dreamer, with a mind tuned to receive and record the fine rays that fill this world flowing from intellect to intellect, and even from what we call inanimate things.
  • Thus, at the lowest end of the scale, we have what we call inanimate matter, which Aristotle thinks of much as we do, namely, as something occupying space, the different parts of it being endowed with different powers of movement, and with different properties, such as warmth or coldness, wetness or dryness.
  • It is matter set free; one might say that this eternal slave is wreaking its vengeance; it would seem as though the evil in what we call inanimate objects had found vent and suddenly burst forth; it has the air of having lost its patience, and of taking a mysterious, dull revenge; nothing is so inexorable as the rage of the inanimate.
  • "Why do you say 'what we call inanimate matter'?" inquired Paul.


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