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What is the meaning of inappropriate in Hindi?

Meaning of inappropriate in Hindi is : बेमेल

Definition of word inappropriate

  • Not appropriate; not suitable for the situation, time, and/or place. (adjective)

Examples of word inappropriate

  • Of course, the term "inappropriate" is subjective.
  • Canada says it is expelling five diplomats from the Libyan embassy in Ottawa for what it calls "inappropriate" actions that are "inconsistent with normal diplomatic functions."
  • Pelosi's letter didn't specify what laws or rules Weiner may have violated, but she said the seven-term Democrat has "disclosed conduct which he described as inappropriate."
  • Ms. O'Connell responded in court papers that her refusal to communicate with Mr. Kuby was based on "his overly familiar comments to me, in a matter involving the murder of an eight-year-old child," which she called "inappropriate at best."