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What is the meaning of inaptitude in Hindi?

Meaning of inaptitude in Hindi is :

Definition of word inaptitude

  • ineptitude (noun)

Examples of word inaptitude

  • While there seem to be more and more programs to encourage girls who are interested in the sciences in engineering, old attitudes about the aptitude (or more accurately, inaptitude) of women in technical fields seem to be a long time in dying.
  • McPalin - Never fail to rise above their own heights of inaptitude, McLame makes W. look like Einstien in his prime.
  • Certain people interpreted this as a sign of the inaptitude of the female brain in this field.
  • His bold and free demeanour, his attachment to rich dress and decoration, his inaptitude to receive instruction, and his hardening himself against rebuke, were circumstances which induced the good old man, with more haste than charity, to set the forward page down as a vessel of wrath, and to presage that the youth nursed that pride and haughtiness of spirit which goes before ruin and destruction.
  • Those nutjobs are notorious for protesting military, LGBT, and any funeral that they can attempt to pin some sort of moral inaptitude on.


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