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What is the meaning of inartificial in Hindi?

Meaning of inartificial in Hindi is : स्वाभाविक

Definition of word inartificial

  • Not artificial; natural; simple; artless. (adjective)

Examples of word inartificial

  • a method of discovery very simple and inartificial, which is the most ordinary method, and is no more than this.
  • But the inclusion (if only for thoroughness 'sake) of a section on "inartificial" proofs opens the door to a wider conception of rhetoric, an "administrative" mode of persuasion that would often fit Machiavelli's recipes to perfection and that Skinnerian observations about persuasion and control are, however fumblingly, concerned with.
  • She endeavoured to avoid making him any answer, but his discernment was too keen for her inartificial evasion, and he very soon gathered all the particulars of her transactions with Mr Harrel.
  • Camilla, with her usual inartificial quickness, seconding the motion, and
  • 'There is at least something very inartificial in your praise,' said


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