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What is the meaning of inattentive in Hindi?

Meaning of inattentive in Hindi is : शून्यमनस्क

Definition of word inattentive

  • Of or pertaining to lack of attention; not paying attention; careless. (adjective)

Examples of word inattentive

  • Although lauded for his creative vision, he has faced criticism for what has been described as inattentive supervision.
  • The active ingredient in marijuana, THC, actually makes people hyper and inattentive, which is exactly what parents of children with ADHD are trying to avoid.
  • Sivak and Schoettle found that in 2005, 2,369 fatal accidents were blamed on "inattentive" driving – including eating, talking or using a phone.
  • Another way is that "inattentive" or distracted driving was recorded as a "primary" factor for just 7% of the 50,430 drivers involved in fatal accidents in 2008.
  • The very name of the people had crept into our language as a synonym for 'inattentive'; to do a Speck's day of work meant to do almost nothing at all.


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