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What is the meaning of incident in Hindi?

Meaning of incident in Hindi is : हादसा

Definition of word incident

  • An event or occurrence. (noun)
  • A relatively minor event that is incidental to, or related to others (noun)
  • An event that may cause or causes an interruption or a crisis (noun)
  • In safety, an incident of workplace illness or injury (noun)
  • Arising as the result of an event, inherent (adjective)
  • (of a stream of particles or radiation) falling on or striking a surface (e.g. "The incident light illuminated the surface.") (adjective)

Examples of word incident

  • If the materials have been selected to contribute to the main incident and converge toward it, it will follow that _the main incident_ will come last in the story; it
  • Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call Detective Norval Cooper at 410-222-3453 or the Anne Arundel County Police Department at 410-222-8610.
  • Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call investigator Mark McCaffrey at 703-777-0475.
  • Roger Oldham, spokesman for the Southern Baptist Convention, said the incident is a warning to missionaries that they need to follow the laws.
  • I've been disgusted with his postings for some time and this incident is the straw that's broken this camel's back.


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