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What is the meaning of incited in Hindi?

Meaning of incited in Hindi is : उद्दीप्त

Definition of word incited

  • Simple past tense and past participle of incite. (verb)

Examples of word incited

  • I really don't believe that Martin incited the murder any more than did any of those other books that your husband's group read, because though writers can help a person to ... to recognize himself, they never create what isn't already there.
  • ACTA raises at least three additional scary prospects for search engines and ISPs: the possibility of the expanded use of injunctions ordering material removed or preventing material from being published; the possibility of actual imprisonment for employees of companies that are found to have "incited" or "aided" violations of copyright law; and the privacy-invading possibility that ISPs will have to report to rights-holders on their users 'online activity.
  • The report challenges the official government position that the Dalai Lama "incited" the protests and criticizes the government's response.
  • Slayer "incited" the three young men, the suit says, with such lyrics as "I feel the urge the growing need/To f-- k this sinful corpse/My tasks complete the bitches (sic) soul/Lies raped in demonic lust."
  • This doesn't sound much like Baker's characterization of the event: "incited" Muslims who have taken over Canadian streets.
  • Israel's ambassador to Canada has denounced federal Liberals, Bloc Quebecois and other Quebec politicians for taking part in a weekend pro-Lebanese rally in Montreal and aligning themselves with what he described as "incited" Muslims who have taken over Canadian streets.
  • State Senator Jack W. HarperSetting aside the premise that somehow the insurgents at this point haven't been "incited," Harper's main argument is on ground shakier than poorly set lime Jello.
  • The latter was limited to heavy penalties against union leaders who 'incited' workers to strike action.
  • Furthermore, the leaders of any future defiance campaign, i.e. those who 'incited' or 'procured' others to commit an offence by way of protest or as part of a campaign against any law, could be punished with a fine of ú500 and/or five years 'imprisonment and/or fifteen lashes.