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What is the meaning of incitement in Hindi?

Meaning of incitement in Hindi is : लालच

Definition of word incitement

  • A call to act; encouragement to act, often in an illegal fashion. (noun)

Examples of word incitement

  • Although the resolution used the term incitement, rather than indirect incitement, its references to justification and glorification suggested a broad understanding of the term.
  • JERUSALEM - Israeli troops fanned out into Palestinian villages Saturday to search for the killers of five family members stabbed to death in a Jewish settlement as Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu called on Palestinians to end what he described as incitement that encourages attacks.
  • Palestinian Authority, blaming it for what he described as incitement in the mosques and by the Palestinian Authority-controlled news media.
  • Ghoga said the incident was a result of what he described as an incitement campaign against him.
  • Netanyahu, who spoke with Abbas by phone, said the statements by the Palestinian leadership were not strong enough and it must move to end what he termed incitement against Israelis in Palestinian schools, mosques and media.
  • “Steve, surely incitement is an offence, regardless of whether anyone acted on that incitement?” is it the actions or the incitement that count (or is the incitement an action?). that is are you going to hold Prof. Jones accountable for his actions in dealing with FOIA requests or for his intentions?
  • Their concept of incitement is informed by recent tragedies.
  • The link isn't necessarily as direct as in incitement to murder; but it is nevertheless there; reference to the riots we had in Oldham rather demonstrates that.