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What is the meaning of incites in Hindi?

Meaning of incites in Hindi is :

Definition of word incites

  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of incite. (verb)

Examples of word incites

  • Whether using the word as an epithet or embracing it a.k.a., The Tramp Stamp, the word incites an emotional reaction in all of us.
  • This dilemma incites an almost Sisyphean quest to win dude friendships, which includes Peter going on a number of "man dates."
  • For many, the mere notion of cold calling incites fear.
  • Menino believes such action by the television outlets "incites" the crowds there and draws others to raise havoc just to get their face on TV.
  • Because a violation of norms "incites" further discovery and attention, a process begins in which the listener is compelled to pay attention to finer and finer details of the music.
  • "For those who experience it on the day of a roundtable," he said, "the goal is that we're invigorated, that we've learned and heard something that opens new interests and kind of incites in us a desire to learn more and to be more connected."