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What is the meaning of inciting in Hindi?

Meaning of inciting in Hindi is : उद्दीपन

Definition of word inciting

  • Present participle of incite. (verb)

Examples of word inciting

  • You see, Broder doesn't suggest that the president "incite" a war only because Broder has already done such splendid work in inciting it himself.
  • Jesus seemed to be interested in inciting fellowship, harmony, and morality.
  • And when the speaker began to condemn the revolutionaries saying that in inciting the people to revolt they were only fostering their own interests, a general murmur filled the mosque; voices rose in indignant protest, and some cursed the imam.
  • There are of course grey areas; the Founding Fathers might have written the Constitution to allow flag burning but doing so in the name of inciting a riot, and destroying public property and peace in the process, would cross the line.
  • Not to mention his part in inciting the first Gulf War and his brave little adventure in Panama.