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What is the meaning of inclination in Hindi?

Meaning of inclination in Hindi is : शौक

Definition of word inclination

  • A physical tilt or bend (noun)
  • A slant or slope (noun)
  • A mental tendency (noun)
  • The angle of intersection of a reference plane (noun)
  • A person or thing loved or admired. (noun)

Examples of word inclination

  • "It's important to understand the inclination is there," he says.
  • CD: Although my natural inclination is more towards SF, I did end up reading a lot of fantasy during my tenure at Solaris.
  • Your inclination is to pull out your credit card and buy it.
  • First of all, the penalty for the ISS orbital inclination is only 6.3% of payload capacity.
  • I do not know why moving the ISS to a different inclination is worth pursuing.


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