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What is the meaning of inclined in Hindi?

Meaning of inclined in Hindi is : प्रवृत्त

Definition of word inclined

  • At an angle to the horizontal; slanted or sloped. (adjective)
  • Having a tendency, preference, likelihood, or disposition. (adjective)
  • Simple past tense and past participle of incline. (verb)

Examples of word inclined

  • The term inclined armor denotes deflective armor that is inclined to the vertical.
  • In the next news cycle or during the next big story, will mainstream media remain inclined to wait for confirmation from the AP or The New York Times?
  • I have worked hard for over 35 years to achieve my "richness" (50k+) and while I don't mind at all my tax dollars helping the less fortunate ... helping the less inclined is just about more than my stomach can stand any longer.
  • Notorious Federast (with an ‘F’, people, with an ‘F’) Peter Mandelson, or “Mandy” to those so inclined, is to quit the EU Commission to avoid giving Gordon Brown the pleasure of sacking him.
  • The Francolin inclined to her speech, seeking ease for himself, and plucked out his wing-feathers, one by one, in accordance with the rede approved of by the Tortoise; then he took up his abode with them and contented himself with the little ease and transient pleasure he enjoyed.


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