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What is the meaning of inclose in Hindi?

Meaning of inclose in Hindi is : घेरना

Definition of word inclose

  • Alternative form of enclose. (verb)

Examples of word inclose

  • We build upon a rock when interdicting plagiarism; but on sand when we make that term inclose author-theft and author-borrowing.
  • He doth depopulate mine office; otherwise called inclose ....
  • "Minor Letters;" and such as inclose receipts, photographs, etc.,
  • I had many thoughts about poor Cousin Mason, and feel relieved from them by what has taken place, though I doubt you will run short of the possibles before I get home, so I inclose a 2 Pound Note for I have taken for the free three Harps, and do not spend much — I will now tell you more of my late proceedings.
  • We inclose the statement of account which leaves us still creditors, owing principally to the unfavourable sale of the 'Remains'; and some additions must very shortly be made to the balance by the expenses of new editions of the Rural Tales and


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