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What is the meaning of include in Hindi?

Meaning of include in Hindi is : सम्मिलित होना

Definition of word include

  • To bring into a group, class, set, or total as a (new) part or member. (verb)
  • To contain, as parts of a whole. (verb)
  • A piece of source code or other content that is dynamically retrieved for inclusion in another item. (noun)

Examples of word include

  • Reference Industrial Strength C++ 15.4; High Integrity CPP Rule 14.10 Do not include a path specifier in file names supplied in #include directives.
  • Yes you need to download the function and put it in your script, or include via #include or put it in your lib folder, anyway try this:
  • I've successfully used #include COM. ahk in my script so that I can also include an IE control and animated gifs in my gui window.
  • ; #include tf. ahk; remove comment if you don't include TF in your library test =
  • So, feminists, does your definition of the term include Sarah Palin?


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