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What is the meaning of incoming in Hindi?

Meaning of incoming in Hindi is : प्रवेशी

Definition of word incoming

  • coming (or about to come) in (adjective)
  • The act of coming in; arrival (noun)
  • a warning that something is coming towards you; especially enemy artillery fire (interjection)

Examples of word incoming

  • The increasing inadequacy of NDS to explain what we know and what's incoming from the fields is apparent to anyone who cares to look, inside and outside the fields.
  • Combined with filters to automatically label incoming messages, Gmail offers powerful ways to organize email.
  • A collection of rays incoming from the left are refracted twice by the lens, once on entry and once on exit, and the net result is the accumulation of all rays at a focal point on the right.
  • All the terms incoming solar and infrared radiation, and the sensible/latent fluxes must close.
  • You can bet the mud is going to fly and it's going to be incoming from the Garver direction.
  • Let us call the incoming radiation from the sun “S” in watts/m2.
  • Jarlov also developed LogProtect (together with Luc Bellego + Michael Ballester), a censorware content filter which is now used by paranoid parents (and schools) to block certain incoming internet content and to remove outgoing keywords like names, adresses and phone numbers (based on a keyword database).
  • I might add that the cost of FedEx and UPS on incoming is not that excessive when you compare it to the cost of shipping UPS to Mail Boxes in Laredo.