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What is the meaning of incomplete in Hindi?

Meaning of incomplete in Hindi is : खण्डित

Definition of word incomplete

  • Not complete; not filled up; not finished; not having all its parts, or not having them all adjusted; imperfect; defective. (adjective)
  • Of a flower, wanting any of the usual floral organs. (adjective)
  • Something incomplete. (noun)
  • A designation of being incomplete. (noun)

Examples of word incomplete

  • In using the term incomplete fertilization, I mean supplying only potash, phosphoric acid and nitrogen, and possibly lime and sulphur, when the soil is denuded of several other elements.
  • A recovery by two or three tenants in tail with crofs, remainders, and a fine by the other, leaves the title incomplete as to the Ihare of tlie perfon who, levies the fine, - •* 23
  • The condition referred to above and which we termed incomplete constipation may affect the nursing infant.
  • Shapiro said the State Department was right to question the players' documentation, which he called incomplete.
  • The former governor had refused to take part in the trial, but he surprised everyone by asking to make a closing statement in which he insisted that he should not be tossed out of office on what he called incomplete evidence.


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