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What is the meaning of inconsequential in Hindi?

Meaning of inconsequential in Hindi is : महत्वहीन

Definition of word inconsequential

  • Having no consequence, not consequential, of little importance. (adjective)

Examples of word inconsequential

  • It's not like this absorption in the inconsequential is anything new.
  • And the interesting thing about the book, apart from its ability to enthrall, is that it hasn't really dated, or has dated only in inconsequential or charming ways.
  • It’s one thing to say you don’t like the changes, but to pretend they’re inconsequential is just … beyond silly.
  • If sense prevails, both of these formats will remain inconsequential. —
  • I figure this pack of yapping hyenas will just keep prattling about the insignificant and the inconsequential, which is fine.


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