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What is the meaning of inconsiderable in Hindi?

Meaning of inconsiderable in Hindi is : मामूली

Definition of word inconsiderable

  • Too trivial or unimportant to be worthy of attention. (adjective)

Examples of word inconsiderable

  • The profits of £3 per year may have seemed "inconsiderable" to the report's author, but such earnings would have made a substantial contribution to a laboring family's income and may have been the only cash income earned by the family (see Chapter 2, n.
  • "inconsiderable," and the bay had been cleared of ice, but on the 20th of February the cold was very great.
  • But the Man of Sorrows motif represents no slight and inconsiderable tributary of the mainstream, and if the new exhibition at the Museum of Biblical Art can draw our attention to that fact, it will have served its purpose well.
  • They have enterpeneurial skills to rival those of the Israelis which are not inconsiderable and would be that much greater if the defence budget were not such a burden.
  • For most of Disc-Overy, Tinie Tempah pulls off the not-inconsiderable feat of being funny while still suggesting you take him seriously.


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