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What is the meaning of incontestible in Hindi?

Meaning of incontestible in Hindi is :

Definition of word incontestible

  • Alternative spelling of incontestable. (adjective)

Examples of word incontestible

  • Nelson, astounded by his achievement, within the year drowned himself in an enormous quantity of cheap whisky, and, the will being incontestible through lack of kith and kin, left his half to Lucky Richard Forrest.
  • Their dual-nationality allies are inserted strategically into all our governments and 'commissions', and they control us and our individual nations via their incontestible edicts applied under their 'laws'.
  • He goes on to describe four strict types of people who eat it before concluding the “incontestible truth” about it, that it is “flesh without its blood.”
  • It is an incontestible fact that he knew Harry Grant, and also that he was quartermaster on the BRITANNIA.
  • The evil represented in this museum is incontestible.


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