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What is the meaning of inconvenient in Hindi?

Meaning of inconvenient in Hindi is : बेढब

Definition of word inconvenient

  • Not convenient. (adjective)
  • An inconsistency, an incongruity. (noun)
  • An inconvenient circumstance or situation; an inconvenience. (noun)

Examples of word inconvenient

  • If I were Naomi Campell I might well have said I should not have used the word 'inconvenient' in the Charles Taylor trial in the Hague.
  • Biblical scholar and Hebrew expert Dr Francesca Stavrakopoulou continues to unearth what she calls "inconvenient truths" about the Bible.
  • His company says the phones could equally be handy for customers who enjoy a good night out and are likely to drop their mobiles in inconvenient places.
  • Poor people, being poor, often can only afford to live in inconvenient neighborhoods that are ill-served by transit.
  • So now, the fact that some find wolves to be inconvenient is not a good reason to have them gone, or at least at minimal numbers, yet again.


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