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What is the meaning of incorrect in Hindi?

Meaning of incorrect in Hindi is : गलत

Definition of word incorrect

  • Not correct; erroneous or wrong. (adjective)
  • Faulty or defective. (adjective)
  • Inappropriate or improper. (adjective)

Examples of word incorrect

  • The IFPWB also demanded an apology from SABC group chief executive Zwelakhe Sisulu for what it called his incorrect, emotional, subjective and damaging statement about IFP leader and
  • ZANESVILLE -- Firefighters Local 88 President Trevor Meek met with city officials earlier last week to clear up what he called incorrect or misleading information about the union.
  • That we always end up acquiescing to those who are misinformed, desperate for a false sense of superiority or just plain incorrect is only getting more infuriating (and it started out pretty fucking infuriating).
  • on May 21st, 2009 at 9:03 pm is the title incorrect? is he not black?
  • Editor's note: at the point their article and mine were posted, they were incorrect is stating that he had been asked.


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