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What is the meaning of increase in Hindi?

Meaning of increase in Hindi is : वृद्धि करना या होना

Definition of word increase

  • to become larger. (verb)
  • An amount by which a quantity is increased. (noun)

Examples of word increase

    • Is it true that for 200 years the only increase in the wealth and resources of Virginia, has been a remnant of the natural _increase_ of this miserable race?
    • This is no condition of things to increase births, or diminish deaths, unless brothels give _increase_, and squalid poverty the requisite sympathy and aid, to recover the sick and dying, from the period of infancy to that of old age.
    • Bronfman also stressed that MTV would help the label increase artist visibility online.
    • However, the term increase - once considered a lock - is less certain, as party leaders squabble over the budget.
    • Some of the increase is also attributable to home improvements and remodeling investments.