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What is the meaning of incredible in Hindi?

Meaning of incredible in Hindi is : संदेह

Definition of word incredible

  • Amazing; astonishing; awe-inspiring. (adjective)
  • Marvelous; profoundly affecting; wonderful. (adjective)

Examples of word incredible

    • Of the obstinate effort to bring about an armed intervention, on the lines marked out by RussellÂ’s letter to Palmerston from Gotha, 17 September, 1862, nothing could be said beyond GladstoneÂ’s plea in excuse for his speech in pursuance of the same effort, that it was “the most singular and palpable error, ” “the least excusable, ” “a mistake of incredible grossness, ” which passed defence; but while Gladstone threw himself on the mercy of the public for his speech, he attempted no excuse for Lord Russell who led him into the “incredible grossness” of announcing the Foreign SecretaryÂ’s intent.
    • He asked them to lead a fundraising drive for Haiti, praising their efforts during past disasters and saying they can tap what he calls the incredible generosity and can-do spirit of the American people.
    • But go over to the left, and you will see people who are happy with Colbert's what they call incredible roast, others blaming the mainstream media for not broadcasting more of what they say was a brave and shocking performance.
    • However, no retaliation, no action from Israel as yet, and they have exercised what they called incredible restraint in the wake of several other suicide bombings and attacks in recent days, in the last couple of weeks.
    • He started singing and that cued Alessandra Ambrosio to come out in a leather harness, push-up bra, thigh-high leather boots and a long, flowing cape splashed with the word "incredible" in cartoon-style letters trailing behind her.


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