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What is the meaning of increment in Hindi?

Meaning of increment in Hindi is : वेतन वृद्धि

Definition of word increment

  • The action of increasing or becoming greater. (noun)
  • To increase by steps or by a step, especially by one. (verb)

Examples of word increment

    • An increment is simply A+0 with carry set, and a decrement is A-0 with carry reset (borrow set).
    • On average, each increment is 20MB, so 90 days worth only adds 1. 8GB or so to the total backup.
    • We bump it up by another 5% after five years so that the Y6 increment is 15% - then by Y10 they're up to 291% of base Grade 12 (K-12), I see the definition as:
    • Breaking down costs to the smallest possible time increment is a financial trick used by not only government, but corporations.
    • However, if we look at a person's lifestyle choices in increment values, increased precaution that may delay or prevent doctor visits (doctor visits that are mainly picked up by a third party), rather than premature death or a delibetating illness, the incentive to take care of oneself will be less if the true cost of health care is not completely realized by the patient.
    • (The increment is to ensure the price moves up in quanta larger than a penny.)