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What is the meaning of incumbrance in Hindi?

Meaning of incumbrance in Hindi is : विल्ल‌ंगम

Definition of word incumbrance

  • A burden; a thing that must be carried. (noun)
  • an interest, right, burden, or liability attached to a title of land, such as a lien or mortgage. (noun)

Examples of word incumbrance

    • But where? without going to the Western Country, I am unable, as yet to decide; as the best, if not all the Land I have on the East side of the Aleghanies are under Leases, or some kind of incumbrance or another.
    • If you have an ambition to do anything in the world, or to be anything more than a plodding character in the tide of human life, see to it that the man whom you are to marry is one who is competent to aid you in the attainment of noble and useful things, instead of being an "incumbrance" and a hinderance.
    • If she have children, the estate is considered to belong to them, while she is but an "incumbrance" upon it.
    • The costume of the East certainly does not exaggerate the fatal progress of time; if a figure becomes too portly, the flowing robe conceals the incumbrance which is aggravated by a western dress; he, too, who wears a turban has little dread of grey hairs; a grizzly beard indeed has few charms, but whether it were the lenity of time or the skill of his barber in those arts in which Asia is as experienced as Europe, the beard of the master of the divan became the rest of his appearance, and flowed to his waist in rich dark curls, lending additional dignity to a countenance of which the expression was at the same time grand and benignant.
    • I have there taken a small, genteel business — the profits of which will be no incumbrance.


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