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What is the meaning of indebted in Hindi?

Meaning of indebted in Hindi is : देनदार

Definition of word indebted

  • Simple past tense and past participle of indebt. (verb)
  • Obligated, especially financially. (adjective)

Examples of word indebted

    • We searched round the nets for the video, and couldn’t find it, so we will forever remain indebted to Comedy Central’s CC Insider for posting two clips from the episode.
    • The two companies 'recent methods include buying more debt from distressed banks and creditors for as little as five cents on the dollar, calling the indebted more frequently, and tracking their credit scores even down to daily fluctuations.
    • Update ABC News has posted a transcript of their RFK Jr. interview, in which he says he believes Obama feels he is "indebted" to the coal industry:
    • It is to the Spaniards that we are indebted, if "indebted" be a suitable term, for the wide-topped falling boot of the sixteenth century; that inconvenient, no-service thing -- good for the stage-players, fancy-ball men, and fellows like old Hudibras, who crammed a portable larder and wardrobe into its unfathomable recesses; but for the rough-riding horseman or the active hunter, a nuisance beyond all description.
    • Kiefer Sutherland has admitted that he feels "indebted" to


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