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What is the meaning of indecipherable in Hindi?

Meaning of indecipherable in Hindi is : अपाठ्य

Definition of word indecipherable

  • Not decipherable; impossible to decode, read, understand or comprehend. (adjective)

Examples of word indecipherable

  • The characters are empty stereotypes, who often behave in indecipherable ways, and the dialogue is so awful it made me laugh out loud at least four or five times.
  • (Sorry Tommy, an increase in indecipherable gibberish doesn’t cut it!).
  • Her expression was indecipherable, her features refusing to relate to each other in a meaningful way.
  • I have lately been led to reflect a little, (for, now that I am growing old, my work has become [word indecipherable] special) on the artificial checks, but doubt greatly whether such would be advantageous to the world at large at present, however it may be in the distant future.
  • (Those who think you can get around that with a VPN or other purposes just need to remember that service providers can add jitter and such that will make calls indecipherable without affecting other sorts of data transmission.)


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