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What is the meaning of indeterminism in Hindi?

Meaning of indeterminism in Hindi is : अनिर्धार्यता

Definition of word indeterminism

  • The doctrine that all human actions are not so much determined by the preceding events, conditions, causes or karma as by deliberate choice or free will. (noun)
    यह सिद्धांत कि सभी मानवीय क्रियाएं पूर्ववर्ती घटनाओं, स्थितियों, कारणों या कर्मों से इतनी अधिक निर्धारित नहीं होती हैं जितनी कि जानबूझकर पसंद या स्वतंत्र इच्छा से होती है।

Examples of word indeterminism

  • Professor Koch told BBC News that "it is entirely possible that 'indeterminism' - under certain conditions - is a useful trait - but not usually: when you drive your car at high speeds down the freeway, you want to be highly deterministic."
  • Thus the indeterminism is a direct product of the substantivalist viewpoint.
  • The evidence is even less decisive with respect to whether there is the kind of indeterminism located in exactly the places required by one or another incompatibilist account.
  • If there is a breakdown of determinism in chaotic systems, that can only occur if there is some kind of indeterminism introduced such that the property of unique evolution is rendered false
  • Even many humans stopped attending to grammatical gender, word endings were dropped, declinations disappeared; our golden youth neglected to say r properly and learned to lisp; few educated people were any longer certain what was meant by 'indeterminism' or
  • I wonder if determinism and indeterminism represent two explanatory categories into which so much can be fit that we are too quick to assume that these categories are all-encompassing.
  • Between the determinism understood so clearly on one end of the spectrum, and the quantum indeterminism on the other -- neither of which can accommodate any meaningful concept of free will -- lies a theoretical no-man's land where those two incompatible aspects of our world overlap.
  • To hold a belief in a libertarian freewill is to hold to an indeterminism at a much higher level than the quantum mechanical, namely, the neural.
  • Some readers may object to our use of the term “free will” to describe the indeterminism of particle responses.
  • The indeterminism of what is ‘rational’ cuts both ways, consumers and companies all the way up to regulators.