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What is the meaning of indicator in Hindi?

Meaning of indicator in Hindi is : सूची

Definition of word indicator

  • A pointer or index that indicates something. (noun)
  • A meter or gauge. (noun)
  • The needle or dial on such a meter. (noun)
  • Any of many substances, such as litmus, used to indicate the concentration of a substance, or the degree of a reaction. (noun)
  • A plant or animal whose presence is indicative of some specific environment. (noun)
  • A measure, such as unemployment rate, which can be used to predict economic trends. (noun)
  • A trafficator. (noun)

Examples of word indicator

  • Another indicator is the 2006 Zogby poll that found 67 percent of citizens wanted immigration decreased so we can assimilate those already here.
  • Another indicator is an e-mail from AIWF and the Dallas Farmers Market outlining their fall line-up of cooking classes.
  • But the really troubling part of this indicator is the large number of countries with less than one line per 100 people.
  • Another indicator is the rate of new capital investment, which is running at the very high level of 22 percent of the gross national product, as compared with 14 percent in 1946, and 23 percent in 1948 during the period of post-war expansion.
  • Tom, I thought you would gather that my nudging link to Mike Gene's blog entry was an indiicator that a teleological process could be feasible without a preset target although a directional indicator is embedded in front loading.


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