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What is the meaning of individual in Hindi?

Meaning of individual in Hindi is : व्यष्टि

Definition of word individual

  • A person considered alone, rather than as belonging to a group of people. (noun)
  • A single physical human being as a legal subject, as opposed to a legal person such as a corporation. (noun)
  • An object, be it a thing or an agent, as contrasted to a class. (noun)
  • Relating to a single person or thing as opposed to more than one. (adjective)
  • Intended for a single person as opposed to more than one person. (adjective)

Examples of word individual

  • If they are parts of an individual, plants also are subject to considerable changes during their _individual_ lives.
  • 'Although there exists nothing IN NATURE except individual bodies, exhibiting distinct individual _effects, according to individual_
  • But because the will has here become individual it must be deceived in such a manner for it to discern by the sense of the _individual_ what the sense of the species has presented to it; in other words, imagine it is pursuing ends concerning the individual, when in reality it is pursuing merely general ends (using the word general in its strictest sense).
  • There are individual cases in which I’ve agreed with the “Catholic League”: When *individual* Catholics who are no longer around to defend themselves are slandered; or when tax-money is used for bigotted “artisitc” purposes.
  • Individual Responsibility: Inherent in the ideas of John Locke in the concept that the individual is the government.


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